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Tove Ree

Klinikk Rees’ facilitator nurse Tove Ree specializes in providing the highest quality wrinkle treatments (injections) and fillers.

She has a decade of experience treating clients both young and mature.

Her focus is symmetry and balance in the face with natural results. Tove has previously held courses under the direction of the Norwegian Medical Association and has provided training courses through the pharmaceutical company Allergan. To maintain high academic standards she often attends to courses and lectures around the world.

“Dear clientele.

It has taken over a decade to perfect my skills. 10 years of extensive courses, traveling in Norway and abroad for training seminars to become a skilled, and up-to-date and dedicated cosmetic nurse.

Remember you are paying for the experience/education, not per syringe :=)

Tove Ree, Cosmetic Nurse”

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Occasionally we have educational observation by medical professionals, who want to expand their expertise in the field. If a medical professional will be present during your treatment, you will receive advanced notice.