Treatments and prices


Injection for Wrinkle Treatment

1 Area (angry frown) Kr. 2790,-

1.5 Areas (angry frown and slightly into brow-area, so you will still be able to lift your forehead, but the horizontal lines will be softer) Kr. 2990,-

2 Areas (angry frown and forehead/smile lines) Kr. 3990,- (here you can choose forehead or smile lines)

3 Areas (angry frown, forehead and smile lines) Kr. 4990,-

Treatment for sweat (hyperhidrosis) of armpits Kr. 5990,- *includes iodine test for every appointment to make sure you will get enough to get sweat free

Treatment for sweat (hyperhidrosis) of palms Kr. 6490,-  *includes iodine test for every appointment to make sure you will get enough to get sweat free

Treatment for gummy smile Kr. 1490,-

Treatment for teeth grinding (bruxism) Kr. 4990,-

Treatment to get a heart shaped face Kr. 4990,-

Juvederm Treatment, prices and age restrictions

Free consult

Furrows around mouth (sometimes called “lipstick lines” or “smokers lines”) Kr. 1990,-

Vermilion Border/Edge of Lips *Must be over 28 years of age Kr. 1990,-

General Lip Enlargement  *Must be over 28 years of age Kr. 3900,-

Dark Circles/rings under Eyes (Up to 2 year duration) Kr. 4290,-

Nasolabial Folds/smile Lines Kr. 3290,- and up

Cheekbone Lift (Up to 12-18 months duration) Kr. 6390,-

Juvederm in marionette line/jowls(6-12 months duration) Kr. 3290,-

Volumeloss in temples  (2-3 year duration) Kr. 5290,-

Filler in Hands Kr. 8000,-

Chin   (1 year duration) Kr. 6000,-

Jawline (Consists of chin and jawline) Kr. 12000,-

Soft Facelift (see separate page for facelift descriptions and prices)

Facial Injury Reconstruction (Quote provided upon consultation)

“Nip and tuck service” (The therapist will assess what needs to be maintained and treated)

1 hour is reserved and you will get information about the price during the consultation.

Treating of the lower face

Chin Definition Kr. 6000,-

Chin- and a defined jawline Kr. 12000,-

(In many cases you only have to do the chin to get good results)


Soft facelift

The price is individual, it depends of the customers need for treatment. We have 3 different treatment packages

Package 1. Full jawline definition and chin Kr. 12000,-

Package 2. Full jawline definition, chin and cheeks Kr. 16000,-

(To get a full symmetry and a natural result, it requires often fillers in the cheeks)

Package 3. Full jawline definition, chin, cheeks, temples and wrinkelinjecktions Kr. 20000,-

Most important for Klinikk Ree is the end result of the treatment. This is the reason we have fixed prices of the treatments, regardless of number of syringes and ml. It will give the customer predictability.

The follow-up appointment and need for correction, will of course be free of charge.


1 treatment Kr. 2790,-

2 treatments Kr. 1800,-