Wrinkle Treatments

Klinikk Ree uses FDA-registered drug for all their wrinkle treatments. It takes between 4 to 7 days before you start to see the effects of the treatment, and up to 2 weeks before seeing full results. The effect can last between 3 -12 months depending on the treatment being performed. This will be discussed further during the consultation.

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Wrinkle Treatments

The treatments we perform to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face are the most popular cosmetic treatment in Norway. When performing the treatment, we use injections to relax the muscle and thus smoothing out the skin.

Treatment for Headaches

Many people who suffer from tension headaches can benefit from injections. By relaxing the muscles in the forehead, the treatment can reduce the severity of the headache. It is important to know that a diagnosed migraine should only be treated by a neurologist.

Treatment for hyperactive sweat glands

Overactive sweat glands, called hyperhidrosis, can affect the armpits and palms of the hands. Hyperhidrosis makes everyday tasks difficult and can greatly reduce the quality of life for many persons. This treatment will block the nerve impulses of the sweat gland, which reduces sweat production significantly. This is a popular treatment because it provides great benefits. Experience has shown that over time the duration between each treatment lengthens, and in the long run the problem can be completely eliminated. This group of patientes will experience the greatest improvement of their quality of life after treatment.

Treatment for teeth grinding, locked jaw (Bruxism)

Bruxism is the term for grinding, clenching or gnashing of teeth. Many people have these symptoms without being aware, both during sleep and periods of stress. This can include soreness/pain in the jaw area. Eventually causing these pains to turn into headaches, neckpain and even wear out tooth enamel. By treating muscle it will relax allowing the symptoms to subside. This group of patients will experience the best improvement in the quality of life.

Treatment for gummysmile/prominent upper gum

This treatment greatly reduces the appearance of over prominent upper gums. In some cases, this treatment should be combined with Juvederm filler for best results to acquire a great natural smile.

Treatments and prices

1 Area (angry frown) kr 3000,-

1.5 Areas (angry frown and slightly into brow-area, so you will still be able to lift your forehead, but the horizontal lines will be softer) kr 3190,-

2 Areas (angry frown or forehead/smile lines) kr 4490,- (here you can choose forehead or smile lines)

3 Areas (angry frown, forehead and smile lines) kr 4990,-

Treatment for sweat (hyperhidrosis) of armpits kr 5990,- *includes iodine test for every appointment to make sure you will get enough to get sweat free

Treatment for sweat (hyperhidrosis) of palms kr 7460,-  *includes iodine test for every appointment to make sure you will get enough to get sweat free

Treatment for gummy smile kr 1800,-

Treatment for teeth grinding (bruxism) kr 5700,-

Treatment to get a heart shaped face kr 5700,-

Orange hook/ chin Kr. 990,-

Bunnylines Kr. 990,-

Sour corners of the mouth Kr. 990,-

Follow up/touch up within 4 weeks free of charge