Juvederm is an injectable filler containing a gel of hyaluronan – a natural acid that gives the skin volume and moisture. It is used in injections to soften deep folds and reduce wrinkles in the face, to plump lips or freshen up their shape and to create volume in chin and cheekbones. Fillers provide much of the same effect as traditional facelifts, but the procedure involves no surgical intervention.

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Juvederm treatments, prices and age limit

Creases around the mouth (Age limit 28 years) NOK 1990

Lip lines (Age limit 28 years) NOK 1990

Lip augmentation (Age limit 28 years) NOK 3900

Design lips NOK 4600

Dark circles under eyes NOK 3890

Nasolabial folds From NOK 2990

Juvederm Voluma cheekbones NOK 5990

Juvederm smile lines NOK 2990

Scar correction From NOK 3990

Brazilian Full Soft Facelift NOK 28000

½Brazilian Full Soft Facelift NOK 18000

Acne scars From NOK 2990

Temple region  NOK 4890

Hand fillers NOK 8000


Customers has to be 28 years to get liptreatment